6 Truths to Know About Storing Sports Equipment in a Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 20, 2019  in 
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If you are a family with active children or you are a sports enthusiast yourself there is a good chance you have an abundant supply of sports equipment in your home.  It doesn’t take long for bats, balls, gloves, and helmets to start piling up in your home or garage.  If you are looking to reclaim some of that much needed storage space in your garage, a portable storage container can be the perfect solution and here’s why. 


It Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Sports equipment does not come cheap and nothing is more frustrating than having to replace items because they have gotten broken or damaged.  A portable storage container can help you protect this investment by providing a safe and secure location to store all of your gear so it will remain in pristine condition season after season. 


You Can Finally Get Organized

Baseball season is right around the corner and that means it’s time to pull out that bat and glove that you haven’t used since last year.  Without proper storage there is a good chance these items have gotten lost or misplaced amidst all of your other sports equipment.  Save yourself the hassle of searching endlessly for those items by keeping all of your equipment neatly organized in a portable storage container.  Portable storage containers provide ample space for organizing your equipment by sport so you can easily find what you are looking for.


Some Equipment Requires Special Care

There are certain types of sports equipment that require special care in order to maintain its performance.  Things like golf clubs, gloves, shoulder pads, cleats, skis, and a number of other items should be stored in a cool, dry environment.  Moisture and extreme temperatures can damage this equipment.  You can prolong the life of your equipment by storing it in a portable storage container. 


Portable Storage Containers are Built for Durability and Protection

Portable storage containers are built with a steel exterior and wooden interior to keep moisture and pests away.  This means they can withstand outdoor weather and keep your sports equipment safe and dry.  No more worrying about moldy gloves, rusty bats, and damage from unwanted pests.  A portable storage container will provide the protection your items need. 


It is a Cost Effective Solution

Portable storage containers are an affordable solution for organizing your sports equipment.  You will save money by not having to replace lost or damaged items and you can take back that much needed storage space in your home. 

You Can Easily Clean and Prep Your Equipment

No matter where you store your equipment you will always need to clean and disinfect it.  Portable storage containers are spacious enough to keep everything neatly organized so you can easily grab what you need and prep it for use.  Because it was stored safely in a portable storage container, it will require minimal cleaning to get your equipment ready for use.  Simply wipe off any excess dirt or dust and inflate your ball and you are ready to go.  Proper storage will help you to avoid mildew, musty smells, and unwanted stains so your equipment will always look and feel its best.




Dusty Rhodes