4 Key Reasons to Store Outdoor Sporting Equipment in a Storage Pod

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 07, 2018  in 
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These days children and adults alike are participating in a plethora of sports including baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and skiing just to name a few.  Along with these sports comes plenty of equipment, and much of this equipment doesn’t come cheap.  Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of sports equipment when it’s not in use.  Most types of equipment will last for years if it is properly stored and cared for.  There are many different storage solutions for sports equipment, but one of the most ideal solutions is renting a storage pod.  A storage pod is the perfect place to store sports equipment during the off season, and here’s why.


It Eliminates Clutter in the Garage

Most people probably admit to keeping their sports equipment in their garage. However, most people probably don’t take the time to carefully store and organize each item.  In reality, the sports equipment likely ends up in a giant pile tossed into the corner of the garage.  The truth is, many homeowners are lacking storage to begin with, so why waste all of that storage space in the garage by piling up bulky sports equipment?  There IS a better solution!  A storage pod provides ample storage space for all of your sports equipment so you don’t have to live with a cluttered garage.  Declutter your garage and put that space to better use by storing sports equipment in a storage pod.


Protection for Your Equipment

Sports equipment can last for years if it is properly cared for.  Unfortunately, many people end up tossing their bats, balls, gloves, and uniforms in their garage where they are susceptible to damage.  Sports equipment should be kept in a cool, dry location in order to protect the integrity of the equipment.  When equipment is left outside or in a garage, moisture and extreme temperatures can affect the quality of the equipment.  Likewise, it is more likely to be damaged when it is left in a garage.  A storage pod is a great solution for sports equipment because each item can be stored safely away from the outdoor elements as well as other dangers that pose risk of damage to the equipment. 


Protect Your Investment

Sports equipment can be quite and investment so you want to be sure you keep your equipment in tip top shape.  Keeping your sports equipment cleaned, maintained, and properly stored will keep your equipment functioning properly and it will also save you a great deal of money.  That’s why a storage pod is a smart solution for your sports equipment.  Avoid having to replace equipment year after year by storing it safely in a storage unit.  Also, enjoy getting to pass down your sports equipment to children and siblings by taking proper care of it.  Prolong the life of your equipment and ensure proper functionality by storing your sports equipment in a storage pod.


Get Organized

Imagine the frustration of sifting through bats, balls, and gloves to find that one missing cleat.  We have all been there!  Unless you make a point to put each item in a specific place, your sports equipment is likely to get cluttered and disorganized in the garage.  A storage unit, however, is spacious enough for you to neatly organize all of your sports equipment.  This means your equipment is easy to find when you need it.  It also means your garage will be free of all that sports clutter.

Dusty Rhodes