8 Crafty Ways for Maximizing Space in a Storage Pod

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 20, 2018  in 
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storage in a portable pod

A storage pod is a great way to store items when moving, renovating, or just to keep them from taking up valuable space in your home.  This doesn’t mean that your storage pod has to be a cluttered mess full of boxes, trash bags, and furniture.  You can get more out of your storage pod and maximize the amount of storage space you will have by treating it like an extension of your home.  Here are some crafty ideas that will help you get the most out of your storage pod.


#1 Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

Trash bags and boxes are bulky and can take up a lot of space.  Therefore, you can save space by storing clothing, towels, sheets, and other fabrics in vacuum sealed bags.  These bags optimize space by removing excess air from the bag.  Then, they can easily be stacked in plastic bins.  It’s amazing how much volume is reduced with bulky coats, blankets, towels, and sweaters when they are stored in vacuum sealed bags.


#2 Bring in Portable Shelves

Shelving is a great way to store items neatly and save space.  Instead of throwing things into large boxes, you can keep them organized by storing them into smaller labeled bins and placing them neatly on shelving racks.  You can easily locate items that are stored on a shelf and it is a huge space saver compared to bulky bags or boxes.


#3 Use Furniture as Storage

If you are storing a dresser, chest of drawers, refrigerator, or deep freeze, these items can double as storage space.  You can easily store a number of items in these pieces without having to add extra boxes or bins to your storage pod.


#4 Install Portable Clothing Racks

Make your own clothing rack by drilling a hole in 2 storage bins or purchase removable clothing racks.  You can save space and stay organized by hanging heavy coats, bulky sweaters, and other items of clothing on a rack. 


#5 Hang Shoe Organizers

If you are trying to maximize space it’s important to remember that you can utilize more than just the floor of your storage pod.  Don’t let vertical space go to waste! Make use of your wall space by hanging shoe organizers.  These nifty storage solutions are great for more than just shoes.  Store tools, toys, jewelry, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, office supplies and more in these handy pockets.   


#6 Hang Some Hooks

3M hooks are a great way to save some space in your storage unit.  These removable hooks are great because they simply stick to the wall and then peel away when you are finished with them.  They also come in a variety of sizes and can hold up to seven and a half pounds of weight.  They are a great way to store pictures, clothing, bags, and plenty of other items and can be hung on the way to save floor space for larger items.


#7 Fill the Gaps

When it comes to making the most of a storage pod, every little inch counts.  Therefore, don’t let gaps between boxes get wasted.  Use this space to store thin items such as cookie sheets, thin plastic boxes, gift bags, sheets, towels, or any other item that can safely be stored between boxes. 


#8 Utilize the Ceiling

Just as you can maximize the vertical space in your storage pod, you can also make use of the ceiling.  Hang a few hooks or shelves to hold larger items such as lawn equipment, bikes, rakes, and hoses.  You can also hang a large net to house sports equipment such as balls, bats, gloves, and other items that would otherwise take up a great deal of floor space.

Dusty Rhodes