4 Unique Tips for Using a Storage Pod When Selling Your House

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 02, 2018  in 
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When you are selling your house, your goal is to make it look as presentable as possible.  You want buyers to be able to walk in and envision themselves living in the home.  This can present quite a challenge when you are still living in the home.  It can be difficult to find a place to put all of your belongings while your home is on the market.  Fortunately, storage pods provide the perfect solution for getting your home in tip-top shape. 


Getting rid of clutter is the first step in getting your home ready to sell.  The typical home can benefit from having plenty of items removed prior to listing.  While it can certainly be helpful to have a yard sale or consider donating some of those items, the fact is there will still be plenty of items that you don’t want to part with.  Things like CD’s, DVD’s, knickknacks, photographs, collectibles, important mail or paperwork are not suitable for showing a home.  Luckily, storage pods provide the perfect place for you to store all of these items while you are selling your home. 

Clean Out Storage Spaces

One of the biggest things buyers look for in a new home is storage, but it can be difficult to showcase your home’s storage when every closet is already filled with coats, hats, and other personal belongings.  You should consider emptying or clearing our drawers, closets, and attic space.  Storage pods provide on-site storage for these items so you can still access them even though they are out of your home.  Buyers will be looking around every corner and opening every door so the cleaner your storage spaces are the bigger they look to potential buyers. 

Staging Your Home

It’s no secret that a well-staged home will sell faster.  Storage pods are the perfect tool to help you properly stage your home.  Removing excess furniture and possessions will make your rooms look more spacious and inviting.  A professional stager might even want to remove some of your furniture and bring in their own temporary staging furniture. Of course you will need someplace to put these items while your home is on the market.  A storage pod can be a great solution for storing these items out of the way as you prepare to sell your house.

Get a Head Start Packing

Moving is a tall order and it’s not done in a day.  If you prefer to get a head start on the packing process but don’t want to have moving boxes stacked in your garage during showings, a storage pod can be just the solution you are looking for.  You can load your belongings at your leisure and keep them neatly packed and out of the way so they don’t crowd your home or create an eyesore.  The best part is that these items will be ready to be transported to your new home as soon as your home sells. 

Dusty Rhodes