5 Ways to Speed Up the Unpacking Process

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 22, 2017  in 
  • Moving

Moving requires a great deal of energy.  It involves packing, researching and hiring a moving company, selling your old home, finding a new one, and everything else in between.  By the time you make it to your new home, the thought of having to unpack everything can seem dreadful.  After all, you are exhausted both physically and mentally.  The good news is that there are a few things you can do to speed up the unpacking process so you can start enjoying life in your new home.

Only Pack What You Need
The way you pack can have a significant impact on the way you unpack.  When you are packing up your home, take the time to sort through your belongings and get rid of the items you no longer need.  You might consider having a donate pile, a yard sale pile, and a throw away pile.  Think of this as your opportunity to do a little ‘spring cleaning.’ When you pack only the things you really need, you will save yourself a tremendous amount of time when it comes to unpacking.

Create an Unpacking Schedule
You took the time to organize every other aspect of your move, so you should also consider creating a timeline for the unpacking process.  This will make the process seem a lot less daunting and much more manageable.  Rather than spending the first week completely overwhelmed by piles of boxes, you will have a plan in place and you will know exactly where to start.  Divvy up the tasks and get the whole family involved in the process.  The more hands you have unpacking, the faster it will get done.  Choose a room where you want to start and let the unpacking begin. 

Unpack the Essentials First
Before you move, you should take the time to pack an ‘essentials bag’ for each member of the family.  This might include clothing, toiletries, medications, snacks, and any other necessities that you will need right away.  Have these bags in the car or in a place where they are easily accessible so you aren’t digging through boxes to find them.  These should be the first things you unpack so you have the items that are most important.

Label Your Boxes
Perhaps the most important rule of thumb when packing your belongings is making sure all of your boxes are clearly labeled with the contents and which room they belong in.  This will ensure that your boxes are placed in the correct room during the unloading process.  Keeping your boxes sorted by room helps you to stay more organized while unpacking and allows you to find specific items more easily.

Take it One Room at a Time
The thought of unpacking the entire house is overwhelming to most people.  Therefore, take a deep breath and take it one room at a time.  Focus on the room that is most important to unpack first (for most people it’s the kitchen) and start there.  Set a goal to unpack 1-2 rooms a day and by the end of the week you will have your entire house unpacked!


Dusty Rhodes