How Storage Can Help You Clean Out Your Garage

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 20, 2015  in 
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Now that fall is here, the temperatures are coming down, making it the perfect time of year to clean out your garage. In fact, if you would like to move your car back into the garage before winter, now is a great opportunity before the weather changes to move all of the clutter out of your garage. If you still are not convinced and would prefer to wait a little longer, maybe the idea of using a storage container can help you to change your mind.

Here are a few SMART tips on how storage can help you to clean out your garage.

Free Up Space

One of the number one reasons why garages are used as extra home storage is because they provide a lot of additional, cost-free room. The trade-off though, is that so many items start to accumulate, that items that were originally intended for the garage are forced to be stored or parked elsewhere. The solution? Clean out the garage and use a storage unit to store all of the items causing clutter. You’ll actually save more money in the long run because you’ll protect your vehicle’s wear and finish over time by being able to park in your garage.

Tackling your entire garage does not have to be completed in one day. This is especially true if you have a relatively large sized garage. A good tip is to clean out your garage in sections so that you will not be as tired during the process. Establish an idea of how much space you will need and then choose a storage unit that will provide the additional space you need for your belongings. Portable storage units work well for cleaning out garages because you have the benefit of having your storage unit directly on-site. Since there are no deadlines as to how soon you need to finish the task, you can clean out your garage at your leisure, and add organization into how you go about placing your items into your storage unit.


Often times, it takes a little motivation to tackle a task that seems a little overwhelming. In many cases, the thought of cleaning out a garage seems more like a burden, causing stress about what to do with the items that will be removed. Storage is a great way to alleviate the stress and burdens that come with cleaning out the garage. You gain an instant solution to clearing up space, as well as more time to decide what you ultimately want to do with the items that you will place in storage.

Sometimes all the motivation needed for tackling a large task is knowing that there is an easy solution to go about it, and in this case, using storage to help clean out your garage provides a great solution.

Staging Resource

When the word staging comes to mind, it is often associated with home staging, yet staging can also be beneficial for cleaning out your garage. For example, if you want to do a deep, fall cleaning of your garage before winter, but you need a place to temporarily store all of the items you currently have in your garage, a storage unit will enable you to remove all of the items out of your garage that are not flammable or toxic, and then allow you the room and space you need to clean out your garage. 

Hopefully, these tips will help motivate you as you prepare to clean out your garage or provide some helpful tips when you do. For additional storage advice and tips, check out our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes